Dr Andrew White

Tung acupucture
Dr Andrew White acupuncturist
Chinese herbal formula medicine

Andrew has been practicing in Richmond since 2007, resolving peoples’ pain is his passion and clinical focus.


Within this time and with a background of remedial massage, Andrew has developed a deep understanding of the complexities of pain and how pain can affect your whole being. When you are in pain you can experience associated emotional issues such as depression, irritability, frustration, digestive problems or other symptoms such as poor sleep and fatigue. Using acupuncture and Chinese medicine Andrew has found the abilitis to simultaneously assist with these other complaints whilst still focusing on relieving your pain. His Chinese medical training enables him to accurately see the disharmony of your body and through the Chinese medicine acupuncture model, apply corrective treatment.

Andrew is all about relieving pain as fast as possible.  He will provide you with professional care, treatment and sound advice in order to provide both immediate and long-term pain relief.

Andrew has found the holistic Chinese medical approach to be so pivotal in enabling health to be re-established and thus pain resolved, that it means not only is your pain or condition resolved but many other health “niggles” are simultaneously addressed as well. It is this aspect of the medicine that enables him to provide you with such insights and treatments into improving your health and well-being.


Andrew specialiaes in the how and why of pain: he sees it as his role to help you understand your source of pain. The how and why is so important to resolving pain over the longer term, and so his focus is your how and why – understanding your situation, lifestyle, work, play / exercise and family matters that all tie into how you present in clinic.


Andrew has great patience and compassion to discuss these with you so you take away a greater awareness of these factors and are enabled to make modifications where necessary to alleviate your pain condition.